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Goshu the Cellist

Goshu the Cellist

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Gauche the Cellist, Serohiki no Goshu, Gorsch the Cellist, セロ弾きのゴーシュ
Drama, Fantasy, Music
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The story concerns Gauche, a professional cellist. During rehearsals for a performance, he is scolded by the conductor because his playing is not good enough. His timing is off and he seems to have nofeelfor the music.Gauche returns to his lonely cottage and starts practicing. Enter a cat who tricks him into understanding the inner meaning of the music. The importance of practice is shown by a cuckoo, rhythm by a badger and tenderness by a mouse. In four days he learns the true meaning and feeling of music and develops into a great musician.Laced with popular classical music this special combines fun and inspiration for all ages and audiences.

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Episode Last Updated
Goshu the Cellist (Sub) Episode 1 12/08/2016

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